16 Ways to Make Extra Money From Home

Just a quick disclosure; I have personally made money on all the methods I share in this post. There are so many ways to make money aside from a regular 9-5 job, and these are a few I’ve tried and found worth sharing. Been someone who travels I also made sure anyone can access worth through these sites/apps from any where around the world. Also all payments/checks are made in USD, which will obviously be converted into your current currency based on location.

Okay so, none of these require any special certifications or skills. However, it does help if you do have skills prior to starting work but there are also ways to basically gain experience and skills as you go.

Teaching English

The reason I say “teaching” instead of “tutoring” is because a lot of people seem to just keep scrolling assuming this requires some kind of qualification/degree. Wrong, as long as you are fluent in the english language you are skilled for the job! Again, experience will be gained as you go; which means better skills and more money! Hello!

Job pays : $5 – 15 / hour

Requirements: Fluent in English; smart phone(later models only, not all “smart phones” are smart) OR a laptop with a webcam; internet/wifi.
Suitable for anyone ages 16 and up.

You’re basically required to have conversations in english and if you would want to take it a step further you can prepare lessons for your students. I won’t go into all the details simply because each site/app works a little differently but I assure you they are so simple to navigate and all have 24 hour support for whatever questions you may have in addition to FAQ pages.

– PalFish
– Camboy
– NiceTalk

Freelance Writing

These jobs can range from simple descriptions to articles and blog posts. E.g. – descriptions of items sold on an online store. Or articles/ research on a specific topic or person. In all, most of it is doable for the average writer. A skill test is required prior to beginning work and building your profile. But not to worry as it is rather simple grammar skills that they test.

Job pays : $4 – 30 / task it really all depends on how fast you write but there is always tasks available.

Requirements : Laptop; internet/wifi.

pure content
need an article
text broker

Click Work

This is basically tasks that you can pick, choose, and refuse from. It can be anything from data entry to app review. The list is really endless. Each task has a given time frame and pay rate. This is personally my least favorite of all but I must admit I did come across a good amount of work that would be enjoyable specifically to me. So again, there are plenty categories to search in.

Amazon Mturk
Click Worker
Crowd Source
And Finally…

Survey Panels

For those who don’t mind participating in surveys on products and services or sometimes preferences then this is for you.

Pays : $0.40 – $30.00/ per survey