The 411

Name:       Tarryn Leigh

Birthday:   July 28th

Location: Atlanta, Georgia (currently)


I own a dreamy little person…a 7 year old girl whom I named Khloe London Leigh; she is pure love and joy.

I also have a man person… Just my type, without a doubt meant to be mine; his amazing.

Black, white, and metallic all day, every day.

I have 4 tattoos…no regrets, yet.

I’m a singer/songwriter….

Love: Night time, red wine, the ocean, sunsets, fast cars, long drives….anything and everything that’s good for the soul.

I’m South African…

I was born and raised in the sunny city of Durban, South Africa. I lived most of my teenage years is an airy apartment a few feet off the beach, oh please take me back! I moved to the United States close to my 19th birthday and have been living here since. I’ve travelled to Florida, North Carolina, Maryland, New York, and currently living in Georgia.

My Blog

I prefer to speak my mind, and this is a great place to do exactly that.  I live to inspire and love to be inspired.

Because what’s life and love without sharing?

I write about design, interiors, style, food, culture, health, mom life/parenting, travel and more…

Thanks for making the stop, hope you come back and get in touch!

Ciao!  xoxo