Staying Productive


How to Stay Productive
(Especially for the creative mind)

We’ve all been there, and I mean ALL!
This is my list of things that get me out of a crappy mood and into a good positive productive mindset.

1. Make time for your passions!  Whether it’s writing, photography, whatever it is you’re passionate about, make time for that one thing each and everyday. Being in a shitty routine that in no way benefits you can eventually become depressing. So definitely incorporate things that make you happy into your day.

2. Set goals and crush them!  It doesn’t have to be anything big.  Simply planning to workout today or drink a certain amount of water within 24 hours.  Complete a chapter in that book you’ve been writing. Just set a goal, and go for it.  The feeling of accomplishing anything just does wonders!

3. Turn to the legends!  This is especially for those of you who want more out of your life or have a long-term goal and need constant motivation.  Look up quotes or motivational speeches by people who you look up to.  Every successful person endured hardship, and to learn about what kept them going and made them stronger can be so helpful.  The Bible is also an amazing place to find inspiration.

4. Stay Active!  What’s better at getting those creative juices pumping than a good workout?  Staying active is an important key in staying productive.  When you feel stronger you tend to want to tackle more tasks throughout you day.

5. Eat Clean!  Our bodies are like machines, when pushed they can do almost anything! So keeping your body fueled with the good stuff is a fine remedy for a happier mood.
If you’re someone who doesn’t have the time to prepare healthy meals and ends up in the drive thru lane ordering takeout then here’s some alternatives.

Meal prep – Set aside a day to cook your meals for the week.
Juicing – Invest in a good blender or juicer. (I use this one.)  However, here is a more affordable one.  Throw in a bunch on your fav fruits and veggies and voila! All the nutrients your body needs in a glass.

6. Choose your company!  Whenever you can, allow yourself to be around people who make you happy and uplift you spirits in some way. This is important because being around people who doubt you or have lack of interest in your wellbeing can easily allow for doubtful thinking towards yourself and your aspirations. That shit is contagious!

7. Organize!  Having a messy or cluttered surrounding can prevent productivity. So get up, clean up, get rid of unnecessary clutter, and create a space that makes you feel good.

8. Prioritize!  We all have those moments where we have so much to do and not sure where to start or doing so much at once that nothing gets done.
Stop! clear your mind, and start prioritizing. You get far much more done this way. Proven fact!

9. Take a break!  Give your mind and body time to rest and recharge. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Read a book! Listen to music!

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10. Remember why you started!  Whenever you feel like a task isn’t worth accomplishing just remember why you started. Only you have the vision in mind for what you want. Each and every step towards that is a step well worth taking.

I’ll just leave this here:
“A ship is always safe at shore
but that is not what it’s built for.” – Albert Einstein

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